Saturday, September 26, 2009

Creating the world of TDM

Most of the stuff in TDM is handmade. The materials we use are: modelling clay, super sculpey, mdf board, cardboard, plaster, acrylic paint etc etc. The character I´m working on above is Mr Morton (the landlord). I´ll show more of him later on (with Anders permission).

Look how neat and tidy!!! If you can identify the three most imortant items for anyone interested in building miniature sets/props/characters I´ll... ehh... give you... a special prize!

This picture shows the set up for Neff´s bed room. I control the camera (canon 400D) from my computer and it usually requires 20-30 test photos before I´m satisfied. Then I´ll send it to Anders and hopefully he approves my creative effort and the Photoshop magic begins...

and Ta daa.... Final result. The god rays from the window is added as well as all the boxes scattered in the bed room. We can show/tell more of the process described in this post if there´s any interest. Please let us know in that case. Next post will reveal how the characters of TDM are made and animated. Stay tuned...

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