Sunday, October 4, 2009

A small token of appreciation...

We have received some positive feedback over the last couple of days since we launched the TDM Blog. As a result of this we´ll show you this sneak peek of one of the charcters you´ll encounter in the upcoming episode of TDM. Please let us introduce the girlfriend of Victor Neff: Alicia.

Right now our 3D (Maya) guy is rigging this character and we´ll soon be able to show some early animation tests...

We get really excited when you send us e-mails. Please feel free to send us those comments/questions if you have any...

Thank you!
-Erik and Anders


  1. Hello Anders and Erik,

    I can see that a lot of work goes into your development. I just played your interactive video. The main character, island, props, and sound were all fine. I did enjoy the first sketch that was similar to Anders.

    Have fun,

    Bob McVicker

  2. Hey Bob!

    Great to see that you've found us! It sure is a lot of work getting it done, but it's also great fun.

    I hope you're doing well!


    - a

  3. i really look forward to this game, the demo is great

  4. Jag spelade erat första del av spelet på och jag må säga att jag värkligen uppskatar det ni har gjort *SmåLer*

    Ser fram imot nästa del av spelet.

    Morgan Larsson