Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Autistic Revelations

I put some extra effort into some of the The Dream Machine: Chapter 2 props. I build them 50% larger so they look nice for the required close-ups. We have a general rule of thumb when creating a TDM set: 70% of the stuff should look great by itself, but give the remaining 30% that extra polish and attention to detail.

I can't talk too much about the purpose of this strange contraption, but it will crop up in Chapter 2, and will be even more important in Chapters 3 and 4. The base for the dial is made out of a Swedish 1 krona coin. I'm not entirely satisfied with the above paint and design. I'll await Anders' final decision.

On a related note: I curse the day we decided to go all the way creating a game made entirely out of clay and dirt. I have... unhealthy dreams of simple vector graphics and lovely 3D objects dancing in front of me.

But remember, whatever they tell you in school: having autistic tendencies can be a resourceful trait later in life...

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Stay tuned folks,

 - Erik

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  1. Hi, I've only recently discovered your blog so I have a lot of catching up to do, but I felt compelled to comment immediately. I've just watched the trailer (i'm saving the demo for this evening when I have more time to saviour it) and I must say i'm VERY impressed.

    From what i've seen so far, what you've created is nothing short of amazing. Being a long-time lover of stop-motion, I can appreciate how long it takes to make an animation, never mind an interactive game. I've played games like Cletus Clay, and i'm genuinely thrilled to see another game in a similar vein (albeit with a much more impressive style). I think there should be more games like this, made with tangible, real-life objects; it really creates a character all of its own.

    Your environments are gorgeous and I love the little touches on the characters and objects. It has a real down-to-earth feel. Your attention to detail is worth it, so keep it up.

    I've read some of your early posts detailing your process - the bedroom set looks awesome - and I hope I can find more. From what I understand, you're using Flash to create the game? I don't have much experience with it myself beyond simple animations, but just creating an adventure game engine itself is to me a major achievement. When I finish my coursework this summer (creating games using Unity), I had planned to invest some time in Adventure Game Studio to have a go at bringing one of my own adventure game ideas to life. I may attempt it with something like Unity, but I think creating the framework for it is challenging enough in itself.

    I've joined your FB group and i'll check in here when I can. I have a lot of catching up to do with your other games. If there's anything at all I can do to help see TDM to completion just let me know. You're doing a great job, and you should be proud of yourselves. Finding your blog has made my day=)