Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Thank you Nordic Game!


We just got back from the Nordic Game conference, which was an utter blast! Lots of great people and interesting seminars (which we unfortunately didn't have much time to attend). Huge thanks to the brilliant Nordic Game crew, who made it all happen!

People seemed to enjoy our little booth, which we took great care in making as cozy and inviting as we could.

The entire first chapter was proudly on display, for those who wanted to try the game out for themselves. We also edited a new trailer for the conference, which we'll post here shortly. Aside from being better than the first one, it shows some teasing morsels from Chapter 2...

We also brought a set from the game, so people could see what these bad boys actually look like.

We get a lot of blank stares when we try to explain that we actually build the game by hand out of clay and cardboard, so having this diorama to show people really helped!

If you look carefully, you'll notice that some of the props are slightly out of scale with the others. That's because achieving the level of detail we want on such a small scale requires the fingers of an elf. In this case the Victrola and the desk lamp are built to twice the scale and have to be reduced in Photoshop afterwards.

Erik also made this beautiful display of (nearly) all the characters in the game. They're all made out of clay, which is then painted by hand before the computer wizardry takes over.

As we mentioned in an earlier post, this gives them the distinct hand made look we were going for: retaining all the little beautiful imperfections that comes for free when you do something by hand.

We also managed to get some generous press coverage for the game, from various sources. Having worked on this game for over a year – mainly from our homes – seeing it on display in magazines like Game Reactor feels beyond surreal.

Hopefully some more will crop up as the week progresses. We'll add those as we find them. Drop us a line if you've seen one we haven't.
This just in:
    All in all, we had stupendously fun at the Nordic Game conference, and hope we can return for future iterations. We are humbled by the effort it takes to make something like this happen, and would like to thank everybody involved once again (especially Emma, whom we secretly love).

    All photos courtesy of the brilliant Oscar Wemmert!


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    1. Well done guys, sounds like you had fun. Great to see more pictures, I especially like those masks. Possible TDM merchandising potential?;-)

    2. Absolutely! We gave them away to all who wanted one. Mail me your address and I'll send you some!


      - a

    3. Lol, I wish but postage to the UK might be a tad expensive! Would be really cool though, i'll drop you an email if you're serious?

    4. I am serious! But you have to take some funky pictures while wearing them. I'm dying to see what they look like out in the wild.

    5. I love that set, wish I could look at the real thing!