Friday, August 27, 2010

IndiePub Competition

Just a quick heads-up about our latest progress. Some of the assets are starting to come online as you can see from the screenshot above, and they look stunning to say the least!

We're sure most of you agree.

But we also got the impression that some of you aren't quite as thrilled about our decision to turn the game into a standard, run-of-the-mill shooter – and now we'd like to give you guys a chance to change our minds!

If you go the IndiePub Competition page and vote for your favorite game, along with a runner-up, we promise not to redesign the game, but instead keep it a pure point'n'click love fest, like god intended.


  1. I voted for the dream machine chapter 1 :3

  2. Oh, how surprising... this was NOT a good joke, folks.

  3. It wasn't meant as a joke, in that we didn't set out to amuse. We weren't trying to fool anyone, although some did seem to take it seriously.

    We're hoping they didn't read it too carefully.

    The text was more meant to alarm, as it's arguably an accurate description of the state of the gaming industry today. That is to say, the games industry is very risk-averse, creatively derisive, and the bean counters have all the power.

    A large chunk of the text is cut straight from actual press releases.

  4. I liked the "joke". I thought it was a good representative of most games nowadays

  5. Oh it was kinda a joke, well I voted, it is my fav game out of all of the others in the contest.

    I can't wait for Chapter two, and if I have to pay for it, please make it much longer then the first, which was free.

    Love this and can't wait for more, and if you guys think if 5 installments isn't enough, you just make more!

  6. Well, it definitely is the state of the gaming industry today; I'll concur on that. And yes, some actually did seem to take it seriously.

  7. This game is so adorable. I think voting is over, so I at least wanted to give my "vote" here. I like that the pacing is very leisurely. One doesn't need the hand-eye coordination of a 15 year old gamer to solve it. Older people like playing games too!