Sunday, September 16, 2012

Musical Update

We've been sitting on this update for a while now, ironing out the last few bugs. It contains some small changes and one big one: In order to facilitate the upcoming chapters we threw out the old music system and replaced it with a shiny brand new one.

With the new system, the music will just keep on playing when you transition between rooms (provided they play the same background tracks), seamlessly modulating the volume and pan of the track. The annoying dip into silence is a thing of the past! Adding background tracks has been made LOT easier – so a room can now have up to 99 simultaneous background drones, unnoticeably blending in and out while you walk around in the world. We also included functionality to make a sound source "wearable" so it tracks Victor (or whomever's wearing it) on-screen. This is used in Chapter 2 and 3, but will hopefully become more important during later chapters.

In a game so dependent on atmosphere and mood, making it easier to finesse the sound makes a huge difference. We really hope you'll like it!

Full patch notes:

• Engine: Musical system totally overhauled
• Chapter 1, 2 & 3: Reworked background tracks
• Chapter 2: Added telephone interactions
• Chapter 2: Fixed navigation problem in Morton's basement
• Chapter 2: Fixed graphical bug during the machine's attack
• Chapter 3: Removed 'invisible' book in cabin 1
• Chapter 3: Fixed faucet related bugs
• Chapter 3: Autosave points added
• Game: Next chapter teaser texts now displays correctly
• Game: Music volume reduced by 50% when viewing menus
• Game: Displays overlay if helmet is worn when viewing a close-up
• Game: UI tweaked


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  1. Man, you guys work so hard on this..!! Awesome.. :-D

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  3. Has this patch been released for Steam? I don't see any notifications about updates for it on Steam.

  4. Great job team...your efforts will pay for sure!

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