Friday, January 4, 2013

Steam Beta Patch

[UPDATE: The patch is now live for all to enjoy. Thank you to all who participated! We really appreciate if you report any problems you've been having.]

We're currently running a beta of the latest Steam patch. We've been hearing about some problems with the Mac version of the game, but we're hoping most of the issues have been solved by now. But in order to test this out, we're running a beta.

If you want to opt in and try it out, simply right click on The Dream Machine in your Steam games library, select Properties > Betas and then select "Public Beta - Jan 2013" in the drop down menu. The game should start to update immediately.

Aside from addressing Mac stability issues, this update contains the musical overhaul that we've rolled out during these past months.

Full patch notes:

• Engine: Rebuilt Mac version to address stability issues
• Engine: Changed how the save system works on Mac
• Engine: Added a save converter to update old saves on Mac
• Engine: Removed text-to-speech function on Mac
• Engine: Made it possible to click outside the walkable areas
• Engine: Removed the feet cursor indicating walkable areas
• Engine: Fixed Victor's dialogue being drawn too high on screen

• Engine: Musical system totally overhauled
• Game: Next chapter teaser texts now displays correctly
• Game: Music volume reduced by 60% when viewing menus
• Game: Displays overlay if helmet is worn when viewing a close-up

• Game: Added breathing sound when the helmet is worn
• Game: Swapped more graphical assets to high resolution
• Game: UI tweaked

• Chapter 1, 2 & 3: Reworked background tracks
• Chapter 2: Added telephone interactions

• Chapter 2: Fixed Victor's placement after visiting the dead blacksmith
• Chapter 2: Fixed navigation problem in Morton's basement
• Chapter 2: Fixed graphical bug during the machine's attack
• Chapter 3: Removed 'invisible' book in cabin 1
• Chapter 3: Fixed faucet related bugs
• Chapter 3: Autosave points added

As always, we really appreciate if you report any problems you're having.


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  1. Very nice. But when you create a patch of different language like french? :).
    You made a very great work guys!

  2. I've never done beta, but I want to! I'm all over this!

  3. i don't know why but this update seem to make you unable to give the bartender his drinks I had to opt out and then back in to finish the chapter

  4. Excellent! Thank you so much for this. I was waiting for it, since it was announced a few months back :)

  5. I have purchased the entire Dream Machine package, but cannot find the Public Beta in the dropdown menu. Your game is a joy to play, keep up the detailed work, it is much appreciated.

  6. The beta is over. The patch has been released.

  7. I just got this in the best. And i love to play the steam in the best. I hope that this will be fixed thank you.