Monday, March 4, 2013

Mr Morton Exit Left

[Chapter 2 SPOILER warning!]

First draft: Just trying to nail the general composition. We're going for a simple, sombre moment: Mr Morton dying at the foot of a tree. The lines in the image should lead the viewer's eyes towards Mr Morton's face, since this is his moment in the limelight.

Second draft: Combining the elements resulted in a flat image with low contrast range. Everything looks even and brown. Mr Morton is unfortunately lit. His face and body blends with the background, making the image a bit hard to read. It's also a bit claustrophobic. It feels as if we're invading Mr Morton's personal space, rather than kneeling down beside him to listen to his pained last words.

Third draft: Trying to address these problems. Opening the image up to give a sense of depth, making it feel less claustrophobic. Injecting some variety to colour and texture. Trying to establish more of a sense of the location by showing more gnarly roots and background.

We're still not 100% happy with this scene, but the problems now mainly lie with the dialogue (which is too long). Bumping the visual quality up helped, but I'm pretty sure we'll revisit this once the last chapters have been completed.

Do you like the improvements? What would you have done differently?


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  1. This is damn creative...very well explained the image!