Saturday, June 12, 2010

BETA testers wanted!

We've been accepting BETA testers for a while now, but it just dawned on me that we'd never made any sort of official announcement about it. I apologize for that, and a bunch of other, non-related stuff.

I guess I'm in an apologetic mood.

First and foremost, I want to apologize to my father for having laughed derisively at the issue of The Phantom he bought me when I was about ten years old. I was heavily into Lucky Luke and Asterix at the time, and The Phantom -- although I knew fully well was his favorite childhood comics hero -- just seemed a bit "meh" to me. I'm sorry about that. Laughing at someones heartfelt gift is never OK. And I've learned to accept gifts more gracefully since then.

There are more things I'd like to get off my chest, but time is running out and I need to get going.

If you'd like to participate in the BETA testing of Chapter 1, just go to and click the pink "Beta Sign-up" button. When you login in, you'll get full, instant access to the first chapter of the game.

I hope you'll enjoy it. And don't be shy to tell us if you don't.


 - a


  1. I signed up for the beta but I can't find anywhere to login within the game. I played through the Prologue to make sure it didn't ask me to login at the end of it but I get as far as walking into the next room (next to the bedroom) and the demo ends and never moves on to Chapter 1.

    Where do I login?

  2. Margo, you need to go here and click on login (it's on the top)

  3. just finished chapter one ~
    the fuse's puzzle was just too difficult... I haven't got it yet *randomly turned switches until something happened*
    but everything else was perfect ~ Alicia seemed creepier than the landlord, though...

  4. The login is still broken though. I made an account a while ago and now I still have to make a new account every time I play.


    With the fuse puzzle, you need to make a path for the electricity that doesn't pass through any resistors. I got it, but I don't know how common basic knowledge of how resistors and circuits work is.

  5. That was awesome, I can't wait to play the other chapters. When I played the demo, some time ago, I thought it was going to be trippy game, am i wrong or it just didn't got there yet?

  6. Agh. I'm stuck! I can't work out what to do with the stuck sofa! I've rung up Prosser and Ankovich but I still don't know what to do!!

  7. KCT: Yes, it'll get more trippy shortly. We start it out nice and easy.

    Anonymous: Have you found the torn note? You might want to investigate it closely.

  8. I've found the note in the ashtray if that's what you mean? I've also found the box under the floorboards and busted the fuse on it too. I've searched everywhere and I have no idea what to do next!!

  9. Could you replace the fuse with something? Something conducting, that won't blow if overloaded?

  10. Thanks. Silly me for not thinking that. Chapter 1 is sweet. Can't wait to play the rest!

  11. Cool, it's official (although I always thought it was), but hey, the more the merrier=)

    Lol, nice anecdote about the comic, Anders. I once apologised to my mum years after I snapped at her during an arabian derby theme park game (you roll balls into holes to make your camel race). It was a completely silly exchange, but it bugged me enough that I apologised eventually, even though she had no idea what I was on about!

    It's good to get stuff off your chest,lol.

  12. I loved chapter 1 so much. I think about this gae all the time. Is chapter 2 going to be open for beta testing too?

  13. Excellent game, guys.

  14. I finished the beta and so far it was wonderful! It wasn't too hard or easy, the only thing wrong is i couldn't use the lemon!! But I'm sure you all will incorporate that into the final build :). Thanks for making such a great original game I can't wait for the release!

  15. I just started playing the beta today and now I'm stuck due to a bug in the game. After a few hours of playing, the game froze. All I did was enter the room with the guitar and for some reason, the room loaded without Victor! I can still click on things, but there's no Victor there to react on or interact with anything.

    Apart from that and a few less annoying errors, the game's fun to play.

  16. Please get password recovery working sometime. I'd like to use the original account I created instead of using fake e-mails.

  17. Beautiful game, interesting story, no bug, I just want to play the rest !

    The only shadow was the conductors' trick, not easy to understand.

    Thanks and keep continued !

  18. Very Nice Game. The art is really beautiful. I have play the dream machine since the first time that you guys have announced it. I'm the user that correct the "label" typo :P

    I have completed Chap 1 a few minutes ago and I was left wanting more.

    One thing I miss is the sound of traffic in the couple's master bedroom. It made me feel as if I were part of the game. The ambient music in the background is a great addition as well.

    There was an occasion where Victor's text was sent off the screen and I could not read what he was saying. This happened when both Alicia and Victor are having breakfast.

    In regards to the conductor puzzle, it was not that difficult to solve :P At first I went around all the possible places I could go to, looking for a spare fuse. Then I found out that I already had the answer. The Lemon is really teasing, I do not know what it was used for, as I completed Chap. 1 without even using it lol

    Overall, Well done game, Seriously, really really done well.

    I want to play Chap. 2, but I do not know if my parents will let me pay for it.


  19. Hi. I just played through chapter 1.
    In response to the comment about the fuse puzzle: I think the puzzle is fine -- it's like netwalk or Pipe Dream. The hints on the fuse puzzle are just fine -- resistors will either increase the voltage or decrease it. You don't need to understand electricity, just multiplication! :P

    The only thing that's not really straightforward (I thought) was getting into Morton's office later on in Chapter 1.

    I really liked the backgrounds. It's obvious that you guys put a lot of effort into the art.
    I would pay for it, if just to encourage you to continue to make more stuff like this.

    I almost tried to smack that mover with the crowbar. :P

    Good luck, gentlemen!