Monday, September 20, 2010

Match made in heaven

Some of the Photoshop wizards over at Eurogamer made this sweet little mash-up image with Morton and Meatboy for a recent article. And boy, don't they look good together?

They look so happy, so tranquil! Can you hear the slow jam playing in the background? Or the sound of Morton tapping his little feet to the rhythm? I swear, any second now they'll burst into song. Their voices will be as clear as a crystal gently washed by spring dew.

If you want to read said article – which we recommend since it's really good – you can find it here:

Eurogamer's The Dream Machine interview


  1. This wait is murdering me. But take as long as you need, I don't want to play an unplayable version :P

  2. It's been months and months now... I loved the first Chapter so much, but I'm beginning to lose interest. Will you ever give us a hint as to when the next installment will be out? You must be working to some kind of deadline, hmmm?

    I love suspense, but it's just a bit boring now.

    ; )

    X X x

  3. Sorry about that! I totally agree, it's been a bit long now, but we are doing another polish pass right now.

    Technically however we haven't released Chapter 1 yet. It's still in BETA.