Monday, October 11, 2010

Don't mess with Texas!

The Dream Machine won in the Best Art category at IndiePubs 3rd Independent Game Developers' Competition! Thanks to everyone involved!

Jury's motivation: "The Dream Machine was chosen for Best Art due to the meticulous detail that went in to every object and landscape in the game. Even the smallest element, from the wet grains of sand, to the uneven floorboards, or even the cracks in the ancient stone pieces, adds volumes to the narrative and immersion presented to the player. By using an art form rarely seen in games and presenting it in a masterful manner, it is no wonder that The Dream Machine has earned the award for Best Art."

Seen above is the stellar Hitbox Team, who walked away with the Grand Prize for their superb game Dustforce! Congrats to Woodley and his team on a well-deserved win! Just seeing that photo makes us all warm and fuzzy inside!

You can read about – and play – all the finalists here.


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  1. Excellent news! COngrats and keep it up!

  2. Congrats!!! Make us see the legend rising =)

  3. It was awesome meeting you guys! I hope you guys had a good trip back.

    - terence

  4. Hey, well done!! You definitely deserve to have your attention to detail recognised=)

    Dustforce looks brilliant, thanks for the heads up. I'm off home to Scotland for the weekend but will definitely give it a go when I get back.

  5. Can we have an update on chapter 2? :D?

  6. Terence: Yay! It was great meeting you and your team! Hopefully our paths will cross sometime in the future again.

    Daniel: Thanks! Dustforce is a game that keeps giving the more you play. There is a bit of a threshold before you get to grips with the controls, but the tutorial helps ease into the experience.

    Bloocheese: Your wish is my command! Expect some news on Chapter 2 in the coming days.

  7. "Bloocheese: Your wish is my command! Expect some news on Chapter 2 in the coming days."

    *cough two weeks later cough* I am impatient :P