Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Dream Machine Patched

Our first major patch just went live on Steam!

Aside from various bug fixes it also upgrades most of the graphical assets from 900 x 600 resolution to 1800 x 1200. The bump in graphical fidelity makes a big difference, especially if you're on a high resolution display. We really hope you'll like it!

Here's the full content rundown:


• Engine: Doubled the resolution of most graphical assets
• Engine: Tweaked UI to scale and perform better on high-res displays
• Engine: Game now boots in windowed mode if Fullscreen has been set to off (PC only)
• Chapter 1: Added tool tips during the first environment
• Chapter 1: Added 50 new interaction options

Bug fixes:

• Engine: Fixed crash on launch that happened on OSX 10.7
• Engine: Game now correctly saves settings when using keyboard short-cut to toggle Fullscreen mode
• Chapter 1: Fixed a bug that would cause the game to freeze when talking to the old lady twice
• Chapter 1: Fixed bug that would cause dialogue related to the torn note to show up too early
• Chapter 1: Fixed interactivity on floorboard showing up too early
• Chapter 3: Fixed rare occurrence of all letters in the blackmail puzzle showing up as 'A'
• Chapter 3: Fixed various typos


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  1. What's the word in regard to those who purchased the game through the website prior to the Steam release receiving a Steam key?

  2. The word is: send us a mail with proof-of-purchase and we'll give you a key.

  3. What exactly is needed for proof of purchase?

  4. Anything that confirms the purchase. The confirmation mail from PayPal is the most obvious proof, but if you don't have that you can submit your login email. That way we can check if a purchase has been tied to your account.

  5. Now for iMac 27" resolution (2560x1440) :P
    But 1800x1200 is good for now ^^